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Sam Hea Ju - Easy Juk Method

To celebrate the New Year here is a traditional recipe that is supposed to be made on the first three pig days of the year. See the introduction post for more information.

This recipe was translated from Eumshik Dimibang Ju Hea (link to naver below) with notes and tips on the recipe from Korean Liquor Lab.

First three pig days in 2019. Starting with Feb 7th


  • Mitsool: 2 Kg mepssal, 3 Liters water, 300g nuruk, 150g wheat flour

  • Dotsool 1: 3 Kg mepssal, 4.5 Liters water

  • Dotsool 2: 5 Kg Mepssal, 7.5 Liters water

First Pig Day:

Rice Prep:

  1. Wash 2 Kg of mepssal (non-glutinous rice)

  2. Soak for 3 hours

  3. Drain for 30 minutes

  4. Grind into flour and sieve

Easy Juk Method:

  1. Add 3 Liters of boiling water to rice flour and mix well (make sure there are no lumps)

  2. Let cool and mix in nuruk and wheat flour thoroughly

  3. Add to sterilized brew vessel and let ferment till the second pig day

Second Pig Day:

  • Repeat the same steps from the first day with the amount of rice and water as specified in the dotsool 1 materials section.

  • No need to add nuruk at this step.

Third Pig Day:

Rice Prep:

  1. Wash 5 Kg of mepssal (non-glutinous rice)

  2. Soak for 3 hours

  3. Drain for 30 minutes

Godubab Method *Modified*:

  1. Steam rice for 40 minutes

  2. Meanwhile start to boil 7.5 liters of water

  3. Let rice sit in the heat for 10 minutes

  4. *While godubap is still hot add in 7.5 L of boiling water

  5. Mix thoroughly

  6. When cool mix into the mitsool

  7. Let ferment for about 2-3 weeks

Korean Text from Eumshik Dimibang Ju Hea (an updated version of the original text)

삼해주(三亥酒) 열 말 빚기 정월 첫 해일(亥日)에 멥쌀 두 말을 깨끗이 씻어 하룻밤 재워 가루를 곱게 빻아, 끓인 물 서 말로 담(반죽)을 개어라. 식힌 후, 누룩 서 되 밀가루 한 되 다섯 홉을 섞어 독에 넣어 두어라.

둘째 해일에 멥쌀 서 말을 깨끗이 씻어, 물에 하룻밤 재워라. (그것을) 가루 내어 끓인 물 너 말 다섯 되에 개어 식혀서 독에 넣어 두어라.

셋째 해일에 멥쌀 다섯 말을 깨끗이 씻어 재워라. 그 뒤 온전하게 쪄서 끓인 물 일곱 말 다섯 되에 고루 섞고 밑술을 섞어 두었다가 익거든 써라.

[네이버 지식백과] 삼해주 열 말 빚기 (음식디미방 주해, 2006. 2. 28., 글누림)

My Rough Translation

Sam Hea Ju – Makes 10 Mal

On the first pig day of the new year, wash and finely grind 2 mal of mepssal and add 3 mal of boiling water and mix (panjuk method). After it cools, add 3 di of nuruk and one di 5 hop of wheat flour mix and add to brew vessel.

On the second pig day, wash, soak, and grind 3 mal of mepssal. To the rice flour, add 4 mal 5 di of boiling water and mix (panjuk method). After it cools add to the brew vessel.

On the third pig day, wash and grind 5 mal of mepssal. To well steamed rice add 7 mal 5 di of boiling water and mix then add to the mitsool and leave until mature.

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