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Welcome to Makgeolli Lab! A place for people who love drinking and making makgeolli and Korean traditional alcohol. This is a space for playing around with recipes and adding new ingredients. It is maintained by a graduate student (Update! I graduated with a Master's degree!! Woot!) whose focus was studying the microorganisms in nuruk and is currently living in Korea. The procedures used here were compiled from various sources including books such as 'The Korean Taditional Alcohol Textbook' (한국 전통주 교과서), 'Our Beautiful Alcohol' (아름다운 우리 술 – 윤속자 권희자) and 'Traditional Alcohol' (전통주 - 이석준), classes at Susubori Academy and The Korean Liquor Lab (한국가양주연구소), engaging with brewers, graduate school research on the fungi found in nuruk, and drinking lots of makgeolli and other Korean alcoohol.


Traditional Korean alcohol has a long history and there are various recipes to make it along with many Korean masters who make great brews. But the draw is its wide variety of potential flavors and ease of brewing. If you are into brewing then making Korean alcohol is something you must try!

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