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Sam Yang Choon

This is a commercial 15% alcohol yakju/cheongju from Songdohyang Traditional Korean Brewery in Incheon. It has gone through a 3-step fermentation process and is made with glutinous rice, chapssal, and non-glutinous rice, mepssal, from the local gangwa-do and homemade nuruk. After fermentation it is aged for 100 days in traditional clay pots known as hangari or onggi.

Sam Yang Choon uses a recipe recreated from the Joseon era. This recipe is actually a combination of two different recipes famous in the Joseon Era. The first step of the fermentation process used a recipe called Ho San Choon that was famous in the northern Jeolla region of Korea and the last two stages of the recipe used a Sam Hea Ju recipe that was famous in the Seoul, Incheon and Kyeonggi areas of Korea.

Scent: Honey flowery

Taste: Orange, honey, white flower, lily, Starchy apple, slight nurukiness/earthiness

Pairing: Grilled fish, hard cheese

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