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This alcohol is a 17% cheongju made with glutinous rice, homemade nuruk, and Korean sweet pumpkin. If you’ve ever been to Korea you know the small to medium sized green pumpkins. It is produced by one of my favorite breweries Ye-sul (Yeh-sool) which has a whole line of premium soju (distilled alcohol), cheongju, and takju (like a high proof makgeolli). The brewery is quiet new but is producing some great alcohol. It was founded about 10 years ago by a law professor and SNU graduate named Jeong Hui Cheol or Hui Cheol Jeong if you want to put it the western way. The brewery is really beautiful, located in the countryside in the city of Hongcheon a couple of hours drive east of Seoul. It is really worth a visit if you are interested in Korean alcohol for the beautiful scenery and excellent tasting room.


Hay, alcohol

Tasting notes:

Mushroom, vanilla, peach


Seafood grilled, grilled octopus, smoked fish, salmon

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