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Cheon Bi Hyang

Cheon Bi Hyang

Cheon Bi Hyang is a yakju and goes through a 5-step fermentation process that takes 100 days. It is aged for 3 months before bottling and the whole production process takes 6 months which is a fairly long time for typical Korean alcohol. It is made with sticky rice (chapssal) and nuruk and is 16% alcohol.

This is produced by one of our favorite breweries in Korea, Choun Sool (좋은술). Originally, founded by Seok Jun Lee (이석준) this brewery is a family affair and a new generation is taking the reins. This brewery is based out of Pyeongtaek-Si just south of Seoul. It produces 5 different types of traditional alcohol including takju and soju all made with local Pyeongtaek rice.

Scent: licorice slight smoky spicy smoked paprika earthy woody

Taste: Silky syrupy licorice sweet strawberry wild flower honey

Drink as is or with roasted or sautéed veggies dessert wine fresh fruit

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